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Κυριακή, 20 Αυγούστου 2017

Make your own beekeeping scales: Step by step instructions

The Arduino microprocessor is an open-source prototyping platform, based on easy-to-use software and hardware. Arduino has the ability to accept inputs - light into a sensor, finger on a switch, or a Twitter message - and turn it into an output - to activate an engine, turn on an LED, publish something on the internet . All this is determined by a set of instructions programmed through the Arduino software (IDE).

If you have no previous experience with Arduino or another microprocessor and circuits, it would be preferable to see simpler examples before attempting to make the scales yourself.

For the Beescale weighing we will use the Arduino Uno, a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, a weight measurement sensor, and an additional gsm shield to get the measurements over a mobile phone network. For weight measurement, we need to amplify the weight sensor signal, so we will also use a printed circuit board (PCB) with the HX711 signal amplifier.
Microprocessor: Arduino Uno
Temperature Sensor: Dallas DS18B20
Humidity Sensor: DHT11
Weight measuring sensor: Load cell 100 kg
Signal Amplifier: DFRobot HX711
Additional PCB to connect to the mobile network: Adafruit Gsm Shield
Antenna for gsm shield: Mini GSM / Cellular Quad-Band Antenna - 2dBi SMA Plug

More specifically, at any time the beekeeper wants to be informed about the conditions prevailing in his beehive, he will receive a message on his mobile phone with the current measurements of the scales, which will be automatically switched on, as well as the sensor readings. Additionally, the microprocessor will create a metric file so that it can be further processed for the purpose of producing long-term results to improve production.
Target Audience
User Communities

Beescale is aimed at all beekeepers, beekeepers or non-beekeepers, who want to save time and money from their movements during the harvest season.
Developer communities

Developers interested in expanding the project can help beescale be enhanced with a gps system in order to make the cells more secure by theft.
Cost 157 Euros


What we will use for construction:
An Arduino uno microprocessor
Arduino gsm shield and an SMA antenna
Load cell
Signal amplifier HX711
Temperature sensor Dallas DS1820
Moisture sensor DHT11
4 Alkaline batteries in series to power at 6 V (each battery is 1.5 V)

First place the gsm shield on Arduino

Now you can upload examples from the Arduino IDE environment of the GSM library to confirm that it works.
Weight Sensor

To connect the weight sensor, we will use the HX711 signal amplifier. Keep in mind that the GSM shield binds the digital pin 2.3 and 7.



Temperature sensor

Apart from the sensor, it will also need a 4.7 KΩ resistor.



Humidity Sensor


Complete circuit

Integrated Layout

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