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Τρίτη, 22 Αυγούστου 2017

Saint Paisios: Flies and bees?

We asked the Saint one day for the following problem: Some people are coming and they are telling us:
This priest takes a lot of money from the mysteries, he smokes a lot of cigarettes and goes to the cafes, the other says he is immoral and, in general, they make a harsh indictment against the clergy, and even show proofs of what they say. To these people what can we say?

Then, the Saint began to tell us: "I learned from experience that in this life people are divided into two categories. Tuesday does not exist - in one it will be the other.

The one, then, category of people resembles the fly.
The fly has the following attribute: to always go and sit on what is dirty. For example, if an orchard is full of flowers that smell like, and at one end of the enclosure an animal has made an impurity, then a fly, flying in this beautiful orchard, will fly over all the flowers and in no one Will sit.
Only when he sees the impurity then he will immediately descend and sit upon it and begin to excavate it, resting on the stench caused by this shuffle.
If you now got a fly, and she could talk and ask her to tell you if she knows if there are any roses then she would answer that she does not even know what these are. I will tell you, I know there are rubbish, toilets, animal dirt, galleys, dirt.
One such share of people resembles the fly. It is the class of people who has always learned to think and look to find what is bad, ignoring and not wanting to stand for good.

The other class of people resembles the bee.
The bee's property is to find and sit on what is good and sweet. Let's say, for example, that in a room that is full of dirt has someone put a
dessert in a corner.
If we bring a bee there, she will fly and will not sit anywhere until she finds the
dessert and only there will stand.
If you grab the bee now and ask for rubbish, she will tell you she does not know, she will tell you there there are gardens, there roses, there the thyme, there honey, there sugar, there dessert and generally will be knowledgeable of all the good and He will have complete ignorance of all evil. This is the second group of people who have good thoughts and think and see the good.

When two people, who belong to these two categories, find themselves walking on a road, then reaching a point where a third person has his "need", the first-class man will pick up a wood and begin to carve Impurities. When the other, however, passes the second-bee-like class, he tries to find a way to cover them with soil and a slab, so that other passers-by do not feel that stench coming from the dirt. " And the Elder concluded:
"I to those who come and blame others - and I find it difficult - I tell them this example and I suggest that they choose which category they want to find and, accordingly, seek to find the appropriate people in their class."

Saint Paisios of Mount Athos

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